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Game idea: An open word game inspired by Breath of the Wild, but you're hunting Pokemon for food, materials, and trophies. Rated M for blood and gore.


I've started getting deep into the option items in Gundam Breaker 3 and I cannot overstate how customizable this game is. It's insane.


Unleash the Archers dropped a new video! They're making a sequel to Apex.


I'm surprised this slipped by me earlier this year. It's very up my alley.


I just started Ys Origin about an hour ago and I can already recommend it. It's got some depth and a crafted dungeon, but with the breezy, loose feel of some indy rogue-like.


Over and over, I relive my first moments on Bugsnax island. -Strawby Strawby Strawby -Beauuutiful seed patterns -Talkin' bout Bugsnax Trapped in this endless cycle...even death, is no escape.


I'm so furious about my country right now. How many ways have we already fucked over young people? And now that they've actually shown some self-respect our authorities are probably going to run them into the ground.


Just finished Ys 8 and holy shit that game was incredible. If you like JRPGs I really recommend it. Next time it's half-off, jump on that.


don't usually get on in the morning, but Carly just dropped Dedicated Side B and folks have to be told. BREAKING NEWS.


Dayum! I was listening to the new Charli XCX quarantine album and near the end it just slaps me with this insane beat.


The thing I'll miss most about E3, beyond shitposting, is the Ubisoft dance party. It was easy to take for granted, but who else was trying to make pop-R&B artists and whimsical dancing a thing at E3?


If I were Square Enix, I would have a small team quietly making FF9 characters for the 7R engine, and slowly building Alexandria.


Been playing FF7 all day. It's pretty incredible. I love that Jesse, Biggs, and Wedge are more a part of the story now. Is anyone else falling for Jesse? This is how the terrorists would get me.


Here's some good vibes for your quarantine.


That crushtoid yesterday reminded me of Maja Shining. So that's on you guys. Enjoy some #musictoid


Have guys heard the new Delain album? It's really, really good.


I saw that Harley Quinn movie today and it's surprisingly good. The action is shockingly John Wick-impressive. I actually think it's top-tier DCEU.


I've been playing Journey to the Savage Planet for 2 days and I can confirm it's a serious GOTY contender already. It's a really satisfying Metroidvania loop w/ personality.


I am ready to play the horse gas station game on Switch when it drops tomorrow. The horses will be fueled with precious gasoline when they clop to my station. Truly, that is what the 7-year game is about, I have decided. I'm going in very blind, folks.


I just saw Parasite and holy shit. I didn't want to do a 2019 movies blog before seeing it and I was right. Go into that movie as blind as possible if you see it.


I wish a Merry Christmas to my favorite online community, and a happy New Year.


It's End-of-the-Year Music Week in my C-Blogs. I'll post the next one Wednesday. That'll give me time to actually start making decisions about this year's games. You know, the thing this site is about.


IDK who needs to see this, but Amazon has a pre-order up for a Paul Atreides Funko Pop from the David Lynch Dune movie. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y4MXZMJ/ref=ppx%20?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I went back to The Surge 2 and I'm glad I did. This may be my favorite Souls-like. I love how much color and variety this game has.


Have you guys done that Spotify Wrapped thing this year? They're doing decade stats this time. Shout-out to my artist of the decade apparently:


A day of anguish over here, as I learn that Oculus has no Linux support and I can't reasonably run a Rift through a VM. Welp, now I know.


Seeing a series of roads you started building fill itself out over the course of a day in Death Stranding, and seeing bridges appear is an amazing feeling. I love this invisible community and how it's integrated into the game.


I'm digging Outer Worlds so much I actually beat it and went back for more. Never done that with a Fallout game. It feels like they did everything right with the smaller scale. You're not supposed to play for 100+ hours and I like that.


This years' Halloween Movie Marathon started with a Suspiria double-feature (1977 & 2018), then I watched Halloween (2018), The Influence on Netflix, Midsommar, and Jennifer's Body. A good lineup. I'd give it a tie b/w Midsommar and new Suspiria.


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