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Pickup Lines: The Party Game

Here's something I thought of today.  It requires either a 10-sided die or change the odds to suit a pair of six-sided dice.  The odds and scoring are variable and so is everything else.  I may update this if I want...


Dear Konami, just make more P.T.

If you're reading this, I assume you've either played some of P.T. or have an idea of what the fuss is about.  It's a "Playable Teaser".  But it's more like a demo, or arguably a small game in it's own right. If you're like me, you got par...


I love Armor Lock and everything it stands for

Playing Halo Reach online, if there was a point of contention about armor abilities is was Armor Lock.  I've heard it called "cheating", "for noobs" and strings of curses.  But why was that?  Well apparently "fair" in Halo meant the ability...


Ten things you didn't know about Siddartha85

Yeah, I know this is late. 1. Time constraints have me drifting away from some games and towards others Every so often, I read a forum post from someone leaving games behind.  Whether they've gotten married or are having a kid, t...


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