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About shouryuukenone of us since 1:08 PM on 12.17.2007

I've been a gamer since I got my Atari XEGS on a late 80's Christmas morning.

Playing Shadow Dancer, Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage on my cousin's Sega Genesis solidified my lifelong interest in games.

Console guy, really enjoy arcade style gameplay and especially these genres: Platformers (including Run 'n Gun, Metroidvania, Cinematic), Fighting and my favorite, Beat 'em Ups.

I buy all the major consoles every generation as my fanboyism died with Sega's exit from hardware.

Sega, Capcom and Konami used to be my favorite developers. Nowadays, I tend to enjoy smaller budget callbacks to previous generations. I still enjoy an occasional AAA game every now and then.