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I've been gaming since my parents got me a NES back in '86 for Christmas. I think it was '86 anyway. It was the damn dark ages. You kids today don't know what it was like back then. Games didn't even have endings half the time, and if it did you'd need to make your fingers bleed to see them. I remember begging my parents for Double Dragon and they bought it. A week later Super Mario Brothers 2 came out and I begged for that too. Mom and dad would have none of that business and I was left wanting. As time passed I watched the video game systems advance, the art of gaming growing from a budding seed into this crazy vine that took us all to a warp zone. I watched as Nintendo took the burning embers of the video games industry and started a raging fire. Then I watched as Nintendo danced in that fire until it nearly burned up. I read the first articles in Nintendo Power, talking of a crazy idea about making an add on cd drive with Sony. I watched that deal crumble and watched as Sony utterly pwn3d(in the parlance of our times here) Nintendo for the sore deal and dominated the industry for 2 systems straight(while Nintendo was in that fire trying to pimp cartridges). I saw Sega from afar, always on the cutting edge of technology until that cutting edge finally cut them in twain. And finally, I'm watching now as Microsoft is finally gaining a foothold on the industry so long dominated by Japanese companies. Unlike my beginnings, today I have a job and can afford to buy Double Dragon and Super Mario Brothers 2 without even asking. This ain't no hobby. It's an addiction. And damn if it isn't an excellent one.