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Backlog: Blur Review (First Post! Hello DTOID World!)


Genre: Arcade Racer
Developer: Bizarre Creations
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: PC, PS3, 360

Blur is an arcade racing game that comes from the studio that brought you the Project Gotham racing series. The game features a full set of licensed cars with tracks based off of real world locations. Blur is like many other arcade racers, but with a twist.

What I Liked
-Power ups. Blur gives you Mario Kart like power up abilities that shape the way you race. The power ups aren’t innovating in any way, but that’s okay because it works. The ability to hold onto three power ups at any one time and choose which one you use is a nice feature that is an improvement over the Mario Kart system.
-Risk-reward gameplay. Being aggressive in this game will get you to the front of the pack in no time. The problem with this is that once you’re in front, everyone is gunning for you. To counter act this, you must have defensive power ups ready as you can be totaled quickly, leaving you respawning as everyone flies by.

What I Disliked
-No Personality. The singleplayer career consists of racing through events with specific goals you must achieve to be able to face the boss in a one-on-one race. Winning races earns you ‘lights’ which you need to unlock the next set of races leading up to the boss battle. You quickly forget who these bosses are as there is no storyline or attempt at one. It is a bare bones career that left me wanting more.
-Little Customization. Other than the ability to change the car color and your special power up, there is no customization to be seen. This makes it so I have no attachment to any one car.

The menus are very easy to navigate and the loading screens contain a picture of the course which the game loads into like in DiRT 2. The color pallet is very dark with vibrant glowing lights to create a very cool overall look. The cars have good detail and the game runs in 720p.
The driving mechanics are pretty firm overall. The cars do not drift often but sometimes over steer too much when you do. The classic walls = brakes theory applies to the city courses as everyone slams into the walls in every online match I encountered.
Blur provides you with four player local split-screen and up to twenty players online. Online matches are intense as long as you get into a lobby with more than five players. Uses the same rank up system as singleplayer, where you unlock cars as you earn fan respect.
If really get into the multiplayer aspect, this game can keep you occupied for a very long time. Other than that, there is not much else to do once you beat the all the bosses in singleplayer. Overall, Blur is a decent racer for anyone dying to play a fun arcade racing game with more "mature" powerups than a Mario or Modnation Racer.

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