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Y0j1mb0's YouTube-tacular Birthday Bonanza

Well my friends, today’s a very special day. Today our good pal y0j1mb0 turns the big 4-0. Despite only being a member of this fine site for a little under a year he has made quite an impression. Whether he’s pissing people off, rallying the troops for FNF, pissing people off, hyping up a new game, or just pissing people off you can bet his blogs will be filled with coyish words and plenty of CAPITAL LETTERS! He’s a sixteen year old Sony fanboy trapped in the body of a bearded old guy and really, isn’t that what we all strive to be one day?

There’s more to y0jimbo than his writing, unlike other videogame bloggers he actually takes time away from the keyboard to play games on occasion. People who have had the pleasure of playing with him online also know him as an expert shit talker, mediocre poker player, and a navigator on par with Mr. Magoo. Anyone who has played with him in a game that has a map larger than your average strip mall will recognize this exchange:

“Jimbo, where the hell are you going?”

“I don’t know, where are you?”

“I’m in the room you just ran past.”


“Turn left… No, your other left. Not that way. How’d you get up there? Hold on, I’ll come get you. “

I swear to god he does that shit on purpose. But I digress...

Now, in lieu of the usual tit pictures or ironic homoerotic imagery that people normally usually use to honor their friend's yearly march towards the grave I’ll instead post some of y0j1mb0’s favorite music. These are posted solely of his amusement if you are disappointed by the lack of boobs, then tough crap. It’s not your birthday and I’m not a clown here to dance for your amusement. Don’t like it? Then make your own damn blog.

So sit back y0j1mb0 and enjoy your music while you can. You don’t have too many birthdays left. You know with you being so old and all.

True story: Y0j1mb0 confided in me that this is his favorite love song. He says that it really captures the emotions he was going through when he first started dating his wife.

There, I made you a birthday blog. Are you happy now, can I finally go back to playing Lego Batman in peace?
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