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PS3 Friday Night Fights: Visions of Melancholy from a Fast-Moving Train


Some of you may be asking yourselves what the title and video have to do with PS3 FNF? The answer is very simple; they have absolutely no ties at all. I just really like the video and felt like referencing one of my favorite books. However, since Yojimbo left me in charge while he takes his kids to watch The Hulk you have to read what I write and watch what I decide to show you. You have no choice in the matter, you are in my thrall. You should feel what I feel. You should take what I tell you. God I love this song…

9pm EDT Takeshi (PSN: JohanHin) will start things off with Tekken. Try to get in early before Yojimbo gets back and paralyses you with his magical smack-talking ability.

10pm EDT Yojimbo (PSN: k0wb0y-b33b0p) should be back in time to host everyone’s favorite war simulator: Call of Duty 4. Join in the fun as you and other dtoiders get massacred by twelve year olds with too much time on their hands.

11pm EDT I’ll be hosting Grand Theft Auto 4 for your sociopathic pleasure. Whether we’re playing New Car Jack City, Cops & Crooks, or just causing chaos in Free Mode there’s a very likely chance that a lot of explosives will be involved.

As usual I’ll be partaking in some Rock Band while everyone else is on COD4. I’ll be on drums so any plastic guitar players/bassists or shower singers are welcome to join me.

There you have it, the plan for tonight. Well, at least it’s the plan that I’ve laid out before you. I’m sure you’ll all come up with better ways to spend your time, like playing Metal Gear Solid 4 until you start seeing cardboard boxes move out of the corner of your eye.
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