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PS3 Friday Night Fights: Jambo Nipe Senti Moja


Back before it was released I wasn't entirely convinced about Killzone 2's multiplayer. I wasn't worried about the quality, but rather how interested I would personally be in it. After all, Call of Duty 4 had by all accounts a fantastic multiplayer setup but that didn't stop me from getting bored with it very quickly. When I picked up my copy last Friday I sat down to run through the campaign but was interrupted by some some of the people on my friend list asking my to join their room. I figured I'd play a quick round or two, then hop back on single player until it was time for Resistance 2. I ended up playing for six hours, so did many other Dtoiders. So you'll understand our decision to have Takeshi host Killzone 2 for the entirety of the evening.

All Goddamn Night: Killzone 2 Host:Takeshi (PSN: Johanhin)

Join Takeshi for a fun filled evening of gun play, rocket spamming, and futile attempts to earn that sentry gun badge. To be honest this is probably going to be the main draw of the evening so the attendance for the other games are probably going to suffer, but fuck those games, they're not Killzone 2.

8PM EST: Burnout Paradise Host: MaxVest (PSN: MaxVest)

Edit: MaxVest and IronPikeman both volunteered to host if people want.

This superb racing game may still be getting plenty of DLC love from it's developer keeping it fresh with new car packs but it still suffers from the fatal flaw of not being Killzone 2 so we can't even get a committed host for it. Luckily though, joining your friends is really easy so just look for a couple other suckers who are stupid enough to not be playing Killzone and start a DeLorean vs. Ecto-1 dream race.

9PM EST: Call of Duty 4. Host: Jack of No Trades(PSN: JackofNoTrades85)

I'm not entirely sure Jack of No Trades is up for hosting this tonight as he's been busy delivering shotgun blasts to the face in Killzone 2 recently but I'm sure he'll be willing to if you ask him nicely enough.

10PM EST: Resistance 2. Host: shipero (PSN: Shipero)

Against my better judgment I'll temporarily halt my Killzone 2 marathon to host this game for you fine people. Do not make me regret this decision.

12PM EST: SOCOM: Confrontation Hosts: SantanaClaus89(PSN: Moosehole) and y0j1mb0 (PSN: k0wb0y-b33b0p)

While the usual hosts for this game for this game have been too busy fighting for the glory of the Helghast Empire lately, I'm sure they'll be back to their one true love in due time.

Street Fighter IV

Protip: If you're desperate for a match just question y0j1mb0's manhood. You'll be getting you ass kicked in a matter of seconds.


Close... but something seems a little off.

Dtoiders with levels:

Takeshi a.k.a. JohanHin
DVDDesign a.k.a. BluDesign:
y0j1mb0 a.k.a. k0wb0y-b33b0p
Merry Ho
SantanaClaus89 a.k.a. Moosehole
Dean R

Dtoiders without levels: (Leave us be, they'll be done when they're done.)

Silver Dragon
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