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PS3 Friday Night Fights: Here Ya Go


Alright, here's a video.

Here's tonight's rotation.

8PM EST: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Host: Santanaclaus89 (PSN: Moosehole)

8PM EST: Tekken 6 Host: JackofNoTrades (PSN: JackofNoTrades85)

9PM EST: BlazBlue Host: JackofNoTrades (PSN: JackofNoTrades85)

10PM EST: Uncharted 2 Host: Santanaclaus89 (PSN: Moosehole)

10PM EST: Uncharted 2 Host: FalconReaper (PSN: FalconReaper)

11PM EST: Tekken 6 Host: BulletTrain(PSN: RPGEmperor)

12AM EST: Socom: Confrontation Host: Santanaclaus89 (PSN: Moosehole)

And, here's the comment section. Go nuts.
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