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My love/hate relationship with rhythm games

I love rhythm games, as a general rule if it's out for a system I own I will more than likely end up buying any game that combines music with timed button mashing. I値l gladly but any special controllers that happens to come with them no matter how ornate or unwieldy. Looking around my room I see Guitar Hero guitars, DDR pads, DK Bongos, Beatmania pads, and soon a complete collection of Rock Band instruments to add to the pile. There is one small problem with my obsession; I知 not very good at these types of games.

I知 not really terrible at these games, but I can never seem to progress past medium difficulty. As soon as I cross over to hard something strange happens my brain stops working, my limbs lock up, and all the onscreen instructions just kind of blend into a swirling vortex of color. When it comes to games like DDR I can attribute it to being out of shape, but for simpler games like Elite Beat Agents I知 not sure what my problem is.

Now don稚 get me wrong, I still love these games, I知 not blaming them for my failure, It痴 my fault that I suck. I知 just saying that it would be nice to extend the life of these games by mastering a few songs. Alas my skill shall stay at this level for a while, I try practicing but that just leads to frustration, and I play games to relax. So I ask you Destructoid community, does anyone else share my fate of rhythm game mediocrity, or are you all the shiny, gleaming guitar gods that I admire on the 100% Expert Jordan videos on youtube?

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