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Games That I Regret: Home Improvement


Video games have the ability to show you amazing new worlds and wonders from beyond our imagination. Occasionally, developers can get lazy and decide to set their games in generic settings like space or World War 2, or if they're really lazy they can simply license someone elseís ideas and settings. This can work out and deliver an entertaining experience, but usually you are left with a subpar game. Sometimes you end up with a game that is not only bad, it makes absolutely no sense. One such game is Home Improvement for the SNES.

Home Improvement is simple side scrolling platformer based on the popular sitcom by the same name. The plot of the game is completely nonsensical, Tim must recover stolen Binford power tools that have been hidden on various sets in the studio at which Tool Time is filmed. So Tim must run, jump, and shoot robotic dinosaurs with a nail gun to retrieve his precious tools. Just like the TV show right?

*Laugh track not included.

The bizarre premise isnít the biggest problem with the game. That honor belongs to the fact that Tim controls like a drunken chimpanzee. The platforming is absolutely painful and combat is no better. The nail gun, which is your main weapon, fires in random directions and the crowbar is useless for anything but smashing through walls. At least I assume itís a crowbar, it could be a hammer or a wrench. All I know it the stupid thing shoots sparkles whenever you swing it, so I like to pretend that it's a magical pixie wand.

A grappling hookÖ Yeah, sure, why not?

Home Improvement has all the ingredients necessary for a truly terrible game. The mixture of horrible controls, ugly graphics, slapped together plot, and strange license all just kind of congeal together to create a gumbo of pure despair. This game is really something you have to experience for yourself, pictures and videos donít really do it justice. I mean seriously, who thought that this game was a good idea?

God I hate this game:

This is one of the many terrible games of my childhood that I donít actually remember getting; it just kind of appeared in my collection one day. I hope that is was a gift from a well meaning relative, because if I actually asked for this game Iím not sure I could live with myself. So I will treat the discovery of this game like I just woke up to find a dead hooker in my bed. I donít know how it got here, Iím not sure I want to know, but I damn sure want to get rid of the evidence before anyone finds me with it. Well, anyone other than you guys, but youíre cool right?

Other games that I regret:
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