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Games that I Love: Mystic Quest


Like I showed you last week, the games I love arenít always AAA titles. Not everyone will agree with me on the greatness of certain games and thatís ok. Some of my favorite games are ones that, while not in most peoples top ten list, are at looked upon with a certain level of fondness. However, sometimes I fall in love that games that are reviled by the gaming community and I have to come to its defense like itís a disfigured, yet exotic hunchback girl be chased by angry villagers. Oh Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest for the SNES, no one will ever love you like I do.

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is a spin-off of the main series. Itís designed to be a simplified version of the standard version of the JRPG formula to serve as an introduction for beginners to the genre. Thatís exactly what it is, a simplified version of Final Fantasy. You must save the world from destruction by gathering four crystals that govern different elements while traveling the world with various other warriors and heroes. Sound familiar to anyone, hmmm?

The lush and vibrant world of Mystic Quest

Navigating the world is really simple, once youíre on the overworld map there are several arrows showing you where you can go. Just pick a direction and youíre whished away to your destination. Dungeons and town are navigated in the same fashion as any JRPGs of the time with a few minor exceptions. The developers tacked on some gameplay elements more at home in action-rpgs like jumping, using grappling hooks to cross gaps, and blowing open passageways with bombs. This can sometimes makes dungeons play more like The Legend of Zelda than Final Fantasy but thatís fine, aside from the awkward jumping mechanic these elements work pretty well.

Ok, so the graphics are a kind of bland, but you know what? So's your face!

The battle system is really simple as well, gone are random encounters normally found in console RPGs. Instead the player initiates battles by approaching static enemies in dungeons or entering battlefields on the overworld map. After entering combat there are four choices available, attack, spell, item, and defense. There are no character specific abilities and magic is used by everyone in your party. This makes combat shallow but considering itís meant for beginners itís understandable. Experienced players will easily breeze through as most battles end up as a race to find enemyís weakness and exploit it, like the final boss battle that can be won in a few minutes by casting Cure on him repeatedly.

Giant frogs are dicks too.

Iím not sure why I like this game so much. Iím not obsessed with it like I am with Soul Blazer but it still has the distinction of being one of the few games that Iíve played multiple times. Not only that, but it is also the only Final Fantasy game on that list. Iíve only beaten IV and VII once. Iíve never finished VI or IX. Plus, I hate V, VIII, and X. Having admitted this I canít shake the feeling that one day Iíll be stabbed in the back, Aeris-style, by a Final Fantasy fan that canít comprehend how I could possibly enjoy Mystic Quest more than VIII.

Youíre beautiful to me Mystic Quest:

The final boss battle, Feature or bug? You be the judge:

I was going embed a music player here to show you some remixes of the game music (I love the battle theme) but the one I normally use said the file was too big. I found another but it auto-played, which is annoying. So any interested people should click here to listen. I donít think it will matter much though as most of the people to click on this post will be Final Fantasy fans arguing who has to hold me down while the others take turns kicking me in the teeth.

Well thatís it, now that I admitted my love for Mystic Quest and my general indifference towards the rest of the Final Fantasy series as a whole I have angered the Final Fantasy Fanatics. One day they will come for me with their replica gunblades and Masamunes and thatíll be it for me. If they find me floating in a river with a Cait Sith doll crammed down my throat I want you to know that I died bravely, clutching my copy of Mystic Quest like a mother protecting her child. Either that or I died cowering in a corner begging for mercy, my eyes full of tears and pants drenched in urine. Probably the second one, that sounds more like me.

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Games that I regret:
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