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Cblogs of 05.04.08

Everyone has been putting in their two cents about the quality of GTA IV. Some people love it, some hate it. Either way they’re likely to go into great lengths to describe how they feel about. We’ll I spare you the usual pile of words and break down my feeling into short and sweet little nuggets. When it works I love it, I love it more than I could possibly love another person. When It doesn’t work I hate it with the fervor of a cartoon supervillain. At least I used to, now I just sit back and chill. You have to learn to take it easy, easy like the Sunday recaps.

*- Samit teaches us how to drive. Not quite as good a lesson as when he taught us to shave, but definitely less awkward then the time he told us about the birds and the bees.
*- I’d like Teta to draw me one day but I’d doubt he’d be able to capture my raw animal magnetism.

A- Necros reviews the GTA IV Special Edition while making funny faces. Everybody loves funny faces.
S- On the Table: Do You Worship Cthulhu?
M- Sonic the Hedgehog (NihonTiger90)

C- Some sort of contest for ms points (Ends 5.7)
C- May Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- FES Contest (Ends 6.12)
C- T-Shirt contest (Ends 5.18)

S- Always look on the bight side of life.
S- Mario Kart Arcade GP is cool. Not as cool as Lucky and Wild but seriously what is?
S- Neophyte? You must think you’re pretty smart huh? Well I own a dictionary too, you iambic pentameter. Ha, take that smart guy!

N- This just in: Media outlet doesn’t use knee-jerk reactions in a GTA IV piece. In other news: Airborne swine reeking havoc on the nation’s air traffic.
N- Scary Womanizing Pig Mask is the Columbo of mediocre VC releases.
N- GTA IV is the top dog on Live.
N- You forget the Voodoo ritual, can’t get GTA IV working without it.
N- One of these days Jack Thompson is going to start suing inanimate objects.
V- If he was really imitating GTA there’d be a trail of dead hookers leading up to the GameStop.
V- More late night TV shenanigans with GTA IV.
V- What ever happened to the time-honored tradition of pretending that Hot Wheels tracks were light sabers while you beat your little brother senseless?
V- Grand Theft Auto: Pedophile City.
V- Turbo buttons? Didn’t I just Quantum Leap into the 80’s?
R- I hear that Lost Odyssey is pretty nifty.
R-Unsung classic, terrible game. Same difference.
R- GTA IV is good, yes? Just like games we play in old country.
T- That sounds like a great idea Darkknight37. I’ll be the Baseball Furies, you be the Orphans.
T- Interesting interview, not sure why it’s all in bold but whatever.
T- I personally feel that if a game is going to make you memorize patterns the least it can do is let you listen to Boston while doing so.
T- EA once forgot my birthday, so I know how you feel.
T- My PSP bit me once, never had one eat my soul though.
T- topgeargorilla’s summer picks. I say anything beats going out in the sun.
T- I hear that if you say “Jack Thompson” in a mirror three times he’ll steal all your games in the middle of the night.

F- Preview review. Review preview. Preview review review review preview preview review… Malkovich

R- You know what make that cake even better? If it was full of hotdogs.
R- I killed “the funny” and drank deeply of it’s blood to grant myself eternal life. Nothing outside of the intervention of the gods will be able to bring it back.
V- Not to brag but I’ve been called the Neal Peart of finger drumming.
V- Wacky European Music Video.
V- It’s a good thing you posted a video from my favorite show, otherwise I’d have to hate you right now.
C- Generic CBlog recap title inserted here.
?- John needs a new kitchen and he needs your help to get it.
?- #1_in_the_hood_G!!

F- Nice new header. Now sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.
F- Sit in the corner opposite of AlmightyTooth. No talking!

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