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CBlogs of 04.04.08

Sorry I'm late, my modem's freaking out and I'm trying to post this during one if it's short bouts of clarity. I've been on hold for the last hour with Comcast trying to get it fixed but I think their "24 hour support" is a damn lie. Oh well, I can always call again tomorrow and yell at a customer service rep until either my internet is fixed or I feel better. I will not rest until I can either get a stable connection or I make someone cry.

*- "Czech out the images below" that line not only earned you a top pick, you're also my new best friend.
*- I like the gfgames serie, it shows promise.
*- You play D&D and Call of Cthulhu? I... I love you.

A- Interesting deduction Surf314, but JRPGs were actually killed by Col. Mustard in the library with the revolver.
S- Phunny Foto Phriday, what a delightfully wacky title.
S- Aborto learns some important life lessons thanks to the CBlog. I learn all of mine from a wisecracking cartoon gopher
S- Monday Review: The Ruins
S- SSBB Character Critique #9: Pokemon Trainer
S- SSBB Character Critique #10: Ike & Snake
S- Ready to Friday!
S- European VC Update
S- Shitty Games = Fun Games: UFC
S- Anyone want to buy a 42" Viewsonic Full HD TV? It fell off a truck.
M- Easy games(Perry Simm)
M- Cheat codes(Soulhammer)
M- Escort Missions (Lavallee017)

C- EDS Free Points (Ends 4.10)
C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- audiosurf contest reminder
C- AVATARTASTIC: Make PrinceofCannedPeaches an avatar for a copy of HL2
C- Win a shiny new COD4 map token.
T- Ovid
T- exanimo
T- Namelessted
T- Elandarex

F- COD4 360 FNF WTF LOL AFK ...sorry, I got carried away.
F- power-glove is ready to rock your face on FNF.
F- Euro FNF
F- FNF: Gaybear Edition
F- Halo 3 FNF
F- Sadistic and Sadie's Saturday Night Slaughter
S- Soulhammer's horrifying weekend.
S- I happen to know of a certain console that has free online so stuff like this doesn't happen. It's called the Wii, and it's fantastic.
S- Workin' for a livin', livin' and workin' iplayanken's takin' what they givin' cause she's workin' for a livin'.
C- kadosho has a case of the gaming blahs.
C- If I could, I would make ScummVM my bride. However, what would the kids look like?
C- I want to change my avatar to a picture of a Griffen fucking a Unicorn but I don't think people would recognize me anymore.
C- He hates the Wii but you love old DOS games. It's ok PsychosesMan, you're alright in my book.
C- Dammit baby, why do you make me hurt you?
B- It's Hamza's birthday. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of these today.
B- Hamza's birthday.
B- It's CypherVR's birthday too.
R- NihonTiger90's 360 is dying, send your prayers.

N- "Where do you keep that Wii-mote Max?" "None of your damn business Sam."
N- It looks like six degrees of Kevin Bacon taken to the extreme. I approve.
N- Samus confirmed for UT3.
N- How to use your COD4 map tokens.
N- GTA4 beaten, apparently it's a good game.
N- Next week's Rock Band DLC. More Bang Camaro and Freezepop is always a good thing.
N- Josh Larsen has been fired! ...I have no idea who that is.
N- 360voice.com stats for march.
N- No MGS4 DVD on the west coast yet :(
N- New games for NA and EU PSN discovered.
V- Neat videos of the new Burnout DLC
V- Arby 'n The Chief. I was going to do a parody of the Pinky and The Brain theme but it was terrible so I'll spare you guys.
V- Baby, you gpt real ugly.
V- Dawn of War 2 + unrelated toys.
R- It's kind of a review, so it goes here.
R- Old Bleach review.
R- Army of Two review.
T- flaakmonkey is finally free from WOW. I bet he ends up like Brooks in The Shawshank Redemption.
T- Maybe ninjas just like to keep their necks warm.
T- Sandboxes often contain hidden treasure, like cat poop.
T- unstoppablejuggernaut wants every game to be like Spiderman
T- michiyoyoshiku doesn't want Streets of Rage 4, he needs it
T- ElfAngel7's copy of Chrono Trigger gets more play then his next gen games.
T- COD4 Map Pack thoughts.
T- Fighters Megamix does deserve a sequel
T- I refuse to settle in one minicity for too long. I prefer to wander the countryside fighting tyrany and righting wrongs.

A- Mega Model Friday: Pikmin
A- If somebody got this working for Timesplitters it's be like the elevator from The Shining.
A- Neat custom 360 faceplate.
S- No you can't "haz" joker figure, I forbid it.

R- 10 Random thoughts. I'd share some up mine but they've been known to drive lesser men insane.
V- Word.
V- Something about a pregnant man.
V- Morgan Webb on Tyra.
V- Deja Vu...
V- Dammit Ryoko, when I say get me a beer, I mean get me a beer. Don't make my hit you again.
?- Silly Namelessted, everyone knows that faggots elect their leader democratically.
?- Dude.
?- Dumpster > FYE?
?- "WTF?" indeed.

S- Old Super Mario World quantum physics video. Still interesting if you havn't seen it though.
S- Someone already did something about the Nintendo Power VC wish list. Can't rememeber who off of the top of my head so I won't be too harsh.
F- Yeah, that's right, I just failed ceark. Why'd I do it you ask? Because I can. I'm the recap wizard now, I have all the power. I get to sit atop my ivory tower and pass judgement on you lowly bloggers highlighting the just and failing the wicked. All you can so is sit there and wonder "Will I get a top pick or will he fail me?" So scurry around, you little insects, and live in fear of my awesome power. Kneel before me and worship me like the god that I am and maybe I'll show pity on your pathetic little writings. I am the mighty shipero: god of recaps, tremble before my might! Oh wait, this is my last day then it's SadieG's turn. Dammit, being a mortal sucks.

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