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CBlogs of 04.03.08

Well, here I am again posting up the recaps while ceark is away relaxing and taking a much deserved break. Since I barely survived the last time I figured I'd change up my game plan this time around. Instead of trying to do everything at once I simply filled in the handy template as I read the blogs through out the day. I feel it went much better this time, I wasn't scrambling around trying desperately to think of titles and sort post. I even had enough time to actually highlight some of my favorite blogs of the day. Still not quite as good as ceark but suck it up, I'm all you got.

*- A very nice PC building guide. Although he did forget to mention the virgin sacrifice and pact with Satan.
*- Not only did this blog show me a neat drum kit mod for Rock Band but it also let me know that the drum kit has a stick holder. I had no idea those little plastic nubs popped out.
*- Dave: King of the Arcade.
*- A new "Look I Drink", it must be my birthday.

A- Gaming world records. I wonder who holds the record for playing Total Recall for the NES for the longest time without shooting themselves.
A- A lot like Jetsetlemming's top pick blog but with a bigger budget.
A- I don't agree with OMGLOLZ's idea, but he did put some thought behind it.
A- I learned it from watching you dad! I learned it from watching you!
A- Instead of "gamers", I suggest we all start calling ourselves "sexual conquistadors".
A- I'm the one that helped Yojimbo figure out how to put in that fancy storybook letter in his post. You're welcome.
A- I still vote for a change to "sexual conquistadors"
S- My Week in JRPGs (Koobert)
S- Ready to Friday Cancun
S- Answers to this week's Great Retro Quiz. For some reason all the answers were "dolphins rule!"
S- Japan: A Blog pt 59 of 912. Drunken singing at it's finest.
S- Jack Thompson: On Trial Part 6: The Reckoning
S- SSBB Character Critique #8: Meta Knight & Falco.
S- But How Well has it aged: Marvel VS Capcom 2
S- Ready to Friday w/ special guest host Dick McVengeance.
M- Fighting games (Johnny Blaze)
M- Licensed Soundtrack Songs (Tubatic)
M- DDR (njsykora)
M- Viva PiŮata (Rorschach)
P- Radio: it's like a podcast with a schedule.
P- Failcast episode 6 Beta

C- EDS Free Points (Ends 4.10)
C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
E- Corrective Lenses Competition winner is HarrassmentPanda
T- Sword5
T- WhoAskedForSocks
T- tempest21
T- Wexx
T- Reeper
T- Chos
T- jakethebob
T- CDawso
T- Mustin
T- Simmons 2pt0

E- European Shitty Movie Night is off to an awesome start.
E- New York Comic Con NARP
F- ThurDSay will be handled by vexed_alex.
F- Speak of the devil.
S- Heart wrenching story about a man and his gamertag.
S- Stupid n00b snipers. Always using their superior skills to kill me.
S- The Nintendo World Store should have a rigorous screening process to weed out the non-believers.
S- nintendoll Letterman's Stupid Customer Tricks
S- WOW, what a story. I know, lame pun. ...I'm sorry.
S- MPHtails abuses his X button.
S- PsychoSoldier just a PS2, welcome to 2000 buddy.
C- I heard that if you install custom firmware the PSP will grant you three wishes.
C- What other sites do you frequent? I only visit Destructoid and the She-male Porn Emporium.
C- Back in my day we could get four SNES controlers for a nickel.
C- Virtual Console Wishlist.
C- People live in Australia?
I- I'd prefer a no foam, half-caff, hazelnut, blog-uccino.
I- Welcome to Destructoid, MrSadistic loves you.
I- Welcome to Destructoid, MrSadistic loves you as well.
B- It's CTZ's birthday.
B- It's still CTZ's birthday.
R- RIP monsterwitglass's 360, it's overheating in heaven now.

N- Batman vs. Crypto?
N- Some third-party Wii games that might not be complete garbage.
N- Force Unleashed release date announced.
N- Gamepro hands-on with MGS4. Who still reads Gamepro?
N- Rockvillian's comment made me giggle.
N- Jell-O, Cosby, and GT5
N- MGS4 preorder discs come in next week.
N- So, it's Murderball, but for Halo?
N- DMV scored himself a copy of Ikaruga.
N- Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is appearently a killer app.
V- Ninja Gaiden 2 footage.
V- "Hi, I'm Gary Busey. Buy Saint's Row 2 or I'll put a saddle on your back and ride you like a pony."
V- New Castle Crashers Video.
V- Boogerman, Boogerman, Does whatever aÖ ah, fuck it.
R- Something about Hannah Montana. Iím not too sure, I wasnít really paying attention.
R- Gamepads are your friend NWKopf.
R- No More Heroes Review.
R- TheBorbes' first impressions of Prey.
T- How Akiba learned to stop worrying and love the cutscene
T- I don't think the Wii even has online. Just a few fake connection screens then your playing against bots.
T- I was curious as to why Hitler was left off the list but then I remembered that he couldn't take a punch.
T- Some Gamers are just fuckwads. I love the word fuckwad but it's confusing because fuck doesn't wad up very well.
T- Nothing aids stealth like a long piece of red cloth trailing behind you.
T- EternalDeathSlayer types pretty well for a man who's head exploded.

A- Update on unstoppablejuggernautís custom War Machine figure.
F- They're zombies, they're strippers, they're Zombie Strippers.
F- Halo Movie
F- Hey, itís Wiisu- oh never mind, itís just Twisted Imp

L- "Gypsys, tramps, and thieves." Jim'd hear it from the people of the blogs. You just made me do a Cher reference OMGLOL, I hope you're pleased with yourself.
L- Gametap != Gamestop
L- 360 Engrish
L- Iím only the #5 Rick Roll in the Tri-county area.
R- Being insulted by Jim is a huge honor. I don't mean to brag but he once stabbed me in the throat.
R- More Engrish.
R- For my senior prank I actually planted pipe bombs in the air ducts of my school. The police didnít see the humor in the situation.
C- Apparently awkward character animation is a bad thing. You learn something new every day.
C- iDano84 fell for the old "COD4 map pack has been delayed" gag.
C- Trevís got a MGO beta key. Good for him.
C- New COD4 maps.
?- ...BahamutZero. What else is there to say?
?- This blog isn't confusing, I just have no idea where the hell to put it.

S- Creepy Ronald McDonald videos are so yesterday
S- You got beat by Sgt. Cheesecake
F- Post more than a few bbcode-less links please.
F- I did not know that.
F- Ugh...
F- Good for you.
F- The fact that the other possum was dead wasn't the problem.
F- Apology accepted.

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