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Cblogs of 02.23.08

Today I helped my friend Nick move. Ten hours of carrying his heavy crap downstairs driving it across town and carrying it back upstairs. Iím exhausted, my back hurts, and my arms are limp noodles dangling off of my torso. Yet here I am writing up a recap all for your benefit. Instead of going to bed like I want to do Iím sitting here typing with my nose, the desk muffling my screams of agony. I learned a few things today though, Saturdays are mercifully slow and Iím not helping anyone else move unless all the furniture is made out of Styrofoam.

Shipero's Picks of the Day
Things that arenít heavy, thatís my pick.

Community Series
- Good Times With Bad Games: Eternal Champions
- Today @ Amazon: A game that wonít sell out in a matter of seconds.
- Andrex reviews Marble Blast Online for InstantAction.
- On the Table: GIPF
- Super Sawnich Movie Night: Sonic the Movie
- Badass Boss Battles: Emperor Ing.
- Worst. Character. Ever.: EPILOGUE

Good Idea, Bad Idea
Another day with none of these.

- EternalDeathSlayer is trying to buy himself some online friends.
- I want to be an uncompressed file this time.

- Robopop?

- Tiny Final Fantasy figures.

Game Notes
- Kurtz reviews the new Sam & Max episode.
- I donít need to play anything. Youíre not the boss of me!
- Y0j1mb0 gives us a second look at Gallian Chronicles: Valkyrie

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- intimate trusts Nintendo
- Chargin mah laser wonders where have all the flowers gone. Also what happened to Viewtiful Joe 3.
- Beatlesfan94 post some pretty picture for Lostwinds.
- vexed alex wonders how much violence is too much violence.
- Neonie wantís to know what to buy.

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- Square Enix admits making WiiWare titles is harder than it looks.
- Thereís no need to argue, people just donít understand.
- WiiWare will let itís games run wild and free.
- MGS4 will be out June 12th, or December 6th whichever makes you happier.
- Scary Womanizing Pig Mask spoils all the Brawl trophies. Thanks a lotÖ ass.
- Master detective kwaselow deduces yet another Virtual Console game.

Destructoid in the Wild
- NARP stickcam. Where the hell is ceark?

- Chicken Fried Steak Saturday. I was too busy carrying heavy boxes up stairs to join in the fun.
- Euro FNF recap

All Other
- Rabdt is experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.
- Top 5 Things Kuntz Hopes They Don't Mess Up In XBLA GoldenEye. How cute, he thinks theyíll actually be a XBLA GoldenEye.
- Yes Y0j1mb0 I am. Oh wait, this is in reference to another blog. I thought you were just genuinely curious.
- Surf314 writes a blog telling other how to properly write blogs.
- Evo interviews the guys behind the Half-Life Short Stories project. Judging by the number of comments no one cares.
- xper thinks PC gaming get no respect.
- Honestly CaptainApocalypse, Iíd rather see Jack Thompson in a cage match.
- 007ís got an angry inch. Actually itís a happy inch because of Wall-E.
- Totally not a dude, she got a vagina and everything.
- Iíll take three.
- Twisted Imp gives Be Kind Rewind a 4 out of 5.
- Who the hell is CLIMAXone?
- Thornnn got his damned computer, I hope he chokes on it.
- kadosho wantís to play SFIV.
- AngelsDontBurn is going to kidnap Electro Lemon.
- Hey Sadie G wasnít killed. Good for her.
- lucbernard finally finds someone who gets it.
- ttaylor drops the zero and gets with the hero.

- The latest cinematic masterpiece from master thespian Jack ďWiiSucksĒ Klassen
- I theorize that itíll only be a matter of months before everyone on the planet has a video of themselves singing Still Alive on YouTube.
- Metal Gear Awesome. If you say so.
- I love you PANZERDRAKO but I sometimes feel like I need a cryptographer to read your posts.
- Yes, random video is random. Thatís why you use random as an adjective.
- Well that was odd.
- Gangles likes the Mass Effect ending theme.
- electro lemon discovers the ultimate weapon.

Maybe Fail?
- Uh, yeahÖ ok.

- We covered this already.
- We all knew this yesterday Bahamut. Way to lag behind the rest of the class. Iím just joking, youíre alrightÖ
- Old but at least I understand him for once.


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