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Cblogs of 02.22.08

Well this is my first attempt at a CBlog recap and I must say, now I have one under my belt, that anyone not worshipping ceark as a god needs to start doing so immediately. This is a lot harder that it looks it took me two hours to come up with this. Between coming up with a clever line for the links and figuring out what should go in which category itís enough to drive a man insane.

Maybe tomorrow will be easier, but thatís assuming I donít hang myself to avoid having to do this again. Iím of course being a little melodramatic, but still this is tougher than it looks. I started off with the intention of giving each and every post a funny or informative link description, but I had to back off a bit when I realized I spent an hour writing and only managed to cover a page worth of CBlogs. As a fun game see if you can spot where I gave up and just started throwing in links for the sake of getting it done before ceark gets back from his trip.

Donít worry, ceark will be back on Sunday, and you only have to put up with my crap for another day. Be strong dtoiders, be strong.

Shipero's Picks of the Day
I love everything even the stupid stuff. Also, Iím too lazy to pick my favorites.

Community Articles
- JoshDunford lists scary crap found in games.

Community Series
- A Rumortoid Smash update from power-glove.
- Blindside give us a look at todayís Smash Bros. update.
- God Awful Game Intros: Jersey Devil Ė new series by Rorschach
- Today @ Amazon: All the deals sold out in minutes.
- European Virtual Console update.
- Mega Model Mania Friday
- Monday Review: Vantage Point
- CaffeinePowered teaches us how to fix the devil box.
- I am not the coupon winrar, thatís ok Iíd rather be a 7zip anyways.

Good Idea, Bad Idea
Surprisingly none of these today. Not even a joke one.

- Smash Update Contest.
- N+ level creation contest.

- Neat custom GH3 faceplate by free touch.
- LostCrichton makes a neat custom Tomopop figure.

Gamer Stories
- The French just donít understand lucbernardís games.

Game Notes
- Skibbles is excited about Dark Sector.
- lollercoaster loves Prof. Layton. Appearently he hasnít had to do any sliding block puzzles yet.
- JDUB X gives us a look at those wacky Japanese and their ass biting games.
- Riva-Riva-Riva-Oni!
- B-Radicate talks about APB, a new MMO from an OG that was involved in GTA.
- Tragic Hero approves of the new Dynasty Warriors.
- Reaprar likes The Dishawasher: Dead Samurai
- Fan made Metroid 2 remake.
- Test your multi-tasking skills.
- Necros hams it up for the camera and reviews DMC4.
- youkilledmyguy sucks at Audiosurf but loves it anyway.
- NihonTiger90 dare to claim that Portal is anything but a flawless masterpiece. LET KICK HIS ASS!
- Giant robots are cool, therefore Cybernator is cool.
- J4RMZ dislikes Burnout Paradise, therefore I dislike J4RMZ.
- Y0j1mb0 loves Super Stardust HD almost as much as he loves changing his header.

Contemplative Questions/Thoughts
- Batthink thinks using games to avoid problems is a bad thing.
- CarlostheJackal wants a comment hall of fame.
- milescosmo tries to convince us that both the PS3 and 360 are good systems. Too bad theyíre both inferior to the Wii.
- stoo1985 wants to know what to get off of the Virtual Console.
- The Faux-Bot has seen Family Guy too. I would mock him more but he makes a good point.
- Xarinrex is sick of pink, needs help picking a new color

Game News, Linkage, Copy Pasta, S-R-Etc.
- ScottyG confirms Britney in Brawl.
- Canadians get a 360 price drop
- Nintendo may start charging to play some games on their online service. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
- Possible WiiWare sequel to a GBA cult game.
- Nintendo might start charging for itís online service. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
- Games are replacing Nazis left and right it seems.
- RaiRed shows us where to get free, legal games.
- power-glove has a head like a hole. Dark as his soul. Iíd rather die than give him control.
- Master detective kwaselow deduces the next Virtual Console game.
- mix cover new changes to the Home beta.

- Wardrox lays out the European FNF plans.
- The PS3 crew solders on despite the fact that I wonít be gracing them with my awesome presence.
- FNF is go!
- The PC gangs FNF plans. I wonder if Iím still dead to Kor for switching to consoles for my Friday Night Fix.

All Other
- NyghtcrawleR discovers the secret of recording the perfect voiceover.
NARP- bunnyrabbit2 lays out the plans for the next UK NARP,
- The other half of drMario1337ís top 10 villain list.
- aborto was too busy enjoying the new Pirates of the Carribean ride to learn anything this week.
- Blindside reveals more casting for a movie about some guy called ďWolverineĒ, never head of him.
- Itís hitogoroshiís birthday.
- Kryptinite want to help you learn how to shop photos
- Snaileb finds a neat Iron Man short.
- Blindside knows that Elmo will fuck you up.
- Necros says the British are all cunts.
- Thereís going to be a live action Akira movieÖ yayÖ
- Xarinrex wonders why we canít all get along?
- itemforty has proof that gamers are saving the planet, itís backed up by science or something.
- A glitch making something better? Stranger things have happened.
- MSNís top 5 vs. Mixís top 5.
- Friends articles going missing, Chargin mah laserís on the case.
- Hamzaís backÖ with a vengeance.
- DaedHead8 wantís angry gamers to take a chill pill.
- Straight Outta Compton comes a 5th dimensional imp named Mxyzptlk and he brought The Orange Box.
- Some Jerk says lists are dumb.
- Vixen comes back, then leaves again.
- Final Round XI
- This whole HD movie thing can get confusing. Unless you buy a PS3, problem solved.
- Jack Thompson wants relief. Might I suggest Immodium.
- By morning Sadie G will be dead or she wonítÖ whatever.

- Helpful tips for any internet user.
- A look at Still Alive on Rock Band in action. I want it now!
- A lego themed UT3 level? Yes please.
- Agent Mooís game looks like fun.

- Alright class say hello to Artix Lumin.

Maybe Fail?
- Reaprar says itís fail, so it must be fail.
- This just seems to belong in this category.

Video- Old video of a guy pretending to pretend to play a guitar.
- Blindside did it!


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