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C:\DOS\RUN: Wacky Wheels


Hey, howís it going? Well, here it is, the first C:\DOS\RUN of 2008. A major milestone that will be celebrated the world over. What better way to celebrate than by entering a contest. Seriously, enter the damn contest, King3vbo is the only one to enter so far, and heís an admitted baby kicker. Iím not asking for much you can send me a blank email and Iíll consider it an entry. While you mull it over why donít you read about 1994ís Wacky Wheels?

Wacky Wheels is a typical kart racer, you select one of eight animals and race around one of many tracks. There are a few weapons, the main one being hedgehogs that you shoot at the other racers. All pretty basic stuff, which is why my main memory of this game is the fact that no matter how much it wants to be, itís definitely no Mario Kart.

The character selection screenÖ I miss Mario.

Thatís not to say that this game didnít have its moments, but at the end of the day Iíd rather play Mario Kart. Its console cousin had more items, and superior local multiplayer. Sure Wacky Wheels had multiplayer over a modem, but we didnít have a modem. It did have an interesting mode called Wacky Duck Shoot, in which you are placed in an arena with several computer controlled ducks and you have to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Yep, still not Mario Kart.

Bad childhood memories aside, I have to say that this game is actually pretty descent. If you can manage to judge it on its own, you have a solid kart racer with s few interesting features. Why not give it a shot yourself, just download the shareware version, forget Mario Kart ever existed, and go give some ducks a face full of hedgehog. DOSBox is a good way to experience this game, and hey since youíre already navigating to all these different pages why not take some time to enter a contest?

Poor Wacky Wheels, it wantís to be Mario Kart so badly:

Well, that does it for the first C:\DOS\RUN if the new year. It was fun wasnít it almost a fun as entering a contest. Join me next contest and Iíll contest you a look at another contest that I contest over as a contest. Contest contest contest, contest contest contest contest Malkovich.

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