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C:\DOS\RUN: Three Sisters' Story


Games are great, they let you experience situations and scenarios that you are unlikely to experience yourself. You can fight aliens on far off planets, explore the ancient ruins of Atlantis, or kick Nazis in the teeth. 1996’s Three Sisters’ Story deals with one of these unlikely scenarios, sleeping with a dozen or so Japanese women within the span of a few days. Of course if you have experienced this scenario please keep it to yourself, no one likes a braggart.

In Three Sisters’ Story you play as a young man named Koichi, whose father was killed by a man named Shoji Okamura. You and your brother decide to take your revenge for your father untimely demise; the best way to do this you decide is to have sex with his daughters. However, you fall in love with the middle daughter Emi and decide to stop your brother and help out the sisters, while having sex with them. There is also a subplot where the school nurse assigns you with helping high school girls with their problems and hang ups. Guess how you help them, go on guess… If you guessed “By having sex with them” then congratulations, you can recognize simple patterns.

You can get “more pleasure” from Yuki later in the game, if you know what I mean… (I’m talking about sex.)

This game’s your typical Dating Sim / Hentai game. You choose different lines of dialog and hope that you’re charming enough to get in the girls pants. No real interactivity outside of choosing which side of the dialog tree you want to climb today. Despite this fact 12-year-old me loved this game, but to be honest 12-year-old me also stole Victoria's Secret catalogs from our neighbors and stayed up till 3 AM to watch Real Sex on HBO. So you have a little perspective as to what my motivation for playing was.

This game is notable to me for two things. First it was the first game I ever pirated, I downloaded it off a geocities page over a weekend when my parents were away. Also, it started my obsession with Hentai games, an obsession that thankfully ended years ago. You see, when I play a game I want to do everything that I possibly can my first time through. I do every side quest, collect every item, talk to every NPC, ect… In games like this thought that means adopting an attitude like Jay from Clerks “I'm gonna fuck this bitch, and fuck this bitch, I'll fuck ANYTHING THAT MOVES!” This approach requires a lot of reloading after mistakes are made and women are insulted. After finally beating a game and doing everything and everyone I could, I would sit back and say to myself, “Well, that’s another 100% completed Hentai game under by belt… Fuuuuuuuck.” The extra u’s in "fuck" denote that I just died a little inside.

I swear to god she told me she was eighteen.

If this write-up intrigued you or you’re into this kind of thing you can get a full copy of Three Sisters’ Story here. You should also get DOSBox, your computer wants it, wants it bad. Can’t you hear your computer begging for it, it needs DOSBox inside it. I-I’ll stop now… Fuuuuuuuck.

Video Time:

Yeah, you wish there was a video, you pervert. Next week I’ll get back to reviewing nice, normal, family friendly games. Free of sex and nudity, but full of that brutal violence that every growing boy needs. Hey, at least this game had hot chicks, right? What, cartoons can be hot. Oh yeah right, like I’m the only one here that wants to sleep with Wilma Flintstone. Come on, show of hands, who here ever wanted to bang a cartoon character. Really? Nobody? I’m the only one? Fuuuuuuuck.

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