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C:\DOS\RUN: Feliz NaviDOS


Christmas is now over, the presents are opened, the relatives are gone, and the leftovers are safely stored in the fridge for future snacking. Now itís back to work to earn the money to pay off the bills we ran up preparing for the season. That and mentally preparing ourselves for the insane amount of drinking that is sure to happen on New Years Eve.

Judging by the cblogs posted Christmas Day, Dtoiders Holiday experiences varied. Some scored big, others were shafted. No matter how you made out Iím here to add an extra gift to the pile for a few deserving boys and girls, six copies of Commander Keen delivered by the magical elves the live in the Steam client.

All you have to do is write a letter to Santa Shipero telling him how youíve been a good little boy or girl and deserve your own little piece of nostalgia. Just email your plea to shipero[at]gmail[dot]com by the 4th of January. Then Iíll choose the nicest children, or the naughtiest ones with the most terrifying threats and they will receive the game sent to their Steam account. Iím not expecting much as long as it goes better than my last contest, which received a whopping zero entries, Iíll be happy.

I also thought Iíd share with you my entry to the Calendartoid. This stunning piece of art was left off the Advent Calendar for some reason. Iím sure Rockvillian just lost the files, or something, how else could he leave off such a brilliant picture.

Oh, who am I kidding, my picture is crap. I was a fool to even try. That will teach me to try and be creative. Oh well, thinking of creative ideas hurts my head anyway.

Hereís to hoping God didnít order you to explode this Holiday Season:

Directory of C:\DOS\RUN\

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