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ShortBlog: I just crawled out of the TV and boy is my Persona tired.

OK, so almost two months of inactivity; I has some 'splainin to do. Mostly, ok, almost entirely, it's been Persona 4. I've had that game sitting on my shelf for over 4 months and late last June, I decided to crack it open. What a wonderful way to spend a summer. I have over 92 hours on my save and I've just gotten the good ending. I'm looking forward to my new game + since most of my high 90 level uber-Persona should make the second play through much easier. You can look forward to some pictures of crap I dug out of my VG storage bins, a couple of short reviews and a event announcement before the month is over. If I haven't come back out of the TV within 24 hrs, please send a rescue dog with a small cask of bourbon, preferably Elijah Craig, aged 12 years.
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My grandfather got me my first console; it was an NES. I fell in love with RPG's thanks to FF7 in highschool. My husband introduced me to manga and anime in college; it all went downhill from there. You can pry my '95 Mustang GT convertible (with the Windsor 5.0) out of my cold, dead hands. I like a broad variety of game types, but most FPS's give me simulation sickness, which blows. I was inspired to create game based hats after seeing a Neko hat from some con pictures. I figured I could do much cooler job.
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