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About shadloonone of us since 7:24 PM on 12.06.2006

Dear nerds, geeks, gamers and fellow humans...

I'll have say my hardcoreness is pretty awesome, just in case such things really matter.

I'd have to say I have no fanboy loyalties. I tend to move from place to place. I was a Genesis kid, a PS1 kid , a GCN and now Wii adult. I just like a good game. So you'll never see me sporting a PSP.

I do a bunch of other stuff like study and work. I'm studying in Creative Arts right now and I'll likely move on to either Photography or Art History once I'm done Cegep.

I also like to play sports, in real life. So I keep active.

I also keep a blog, you can check it out here.

I also have humility, as I totally had a nerd-breakdown when I met the Regginator. Just look at my face.

So I have a little more work to do before I'm perfect. Hey, what can you do?