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Back in Time: A Twisted Review

Greetings Comrads. I have one question and one question only: Are you ready? Because I am about to go back in time, to where games were polished, had little to no glitches and actually had captivating stories! Today, I will be looking at Tw...


Rage (in my mind) Part 3

After the ghost stopped bleeding out, I took a few moments to search the corpse. He was heavy already, and now dead, it just seemed to add to the weight. I grunted, struggling to turn the man over. The body odor was rather strong as well. H...


Borderlands Live stream.

You can watch me play Borderlands 2 at www.twitch.tv/shadowfoot if you'd like. I'll be off and on. I will also be working on Rage (in my mind) part 3 during this time, so I might not be on when you're there. But stop by anyway and listen to...


Rage (in my mind) Part 2

A red mist-like blood splatter came out of the polygons. The man roared in anger and pain. Soon I was backing up, my mind racing as I had to find my way back to the entrance of the hideout. With my back to the spears, skulls and dead bodies...


Rage (in my mind) {edited for easier reading.}

Ghost territory...I'm told these ghouls are ruthless and insane. At least that's what comes to mind when I think of these men who had just tried to bury me six feet under. Thanks to a newly found found friend, Hagar, my demise was prevented...


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