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Wii Homebrew Channel released

Got a Wii? Want to run homebrew or imported games? Clever enough to check online forums before running future Nintendo upgrades lest you end up with a shiny white brick? Read on!

[UPDATE] A much easier way of getting the Homebrew Channel on a Wii, even with the latest firmware (v4), has been released.
Bannerbomb replaces ol' faithful, the Twilight Hack, as the foot in the door to trick the Wii into running something it's not supposed to.
The accompanying HackMii Installer contains the Homebrew Channel and other bits and bobs you might like.

Go to the Bannerbomb site and follow the instructions there. Once you're into the HackMii installer, you can pick any one of the three following delights to install:

The Homebrew Channel
A launcher for any homebrew you've popped into an "apps" directory on an SD card. For most people, this is all you'll need.

A helper library which allows other homebrew to read files off of DVDs. Stick this on if you've got a DVD full of every ROM ever made and want to emulate them all until the end of time.

BootMii beta
A menu which overwrites a portion of the Wii's boot sequence which is before the normal system menu. You probably only want this if you're dicking around with the system menu and want to be able to recover if you make it unbootable. Or maybe you're just really impatient and want to dive into the homebrew channel without looking at Nintendo's health and safety screen. Warning: wiimotes don't work in BootMii - best have a GC controller handy. Double warning: this won't install on Wiis bought after late 2008, as the bootloader was modified to recognise fakesigned code

So now you're done. Have a look on WiiBrew for homebrew to run, especially Gecko OS to be able to boot into import games.


And yes, it is possible to use the homebrew channel to install piracy/backup tools. Please do not discuss this here - said tools are based on dodgily hacked copyrighted code, and are much less likely to survive a Nintendo update - besides, is programming your own stuff and running wacky import games not good enough for you? Kids these days...

[ORIGINAL POST - Requires a copy of Zelda and an old non-updated Wii]

1. On your Wii, copy your Zelda savegames onto an SD card. Back these up somewhere with your PC, you'll need to replace the ones on the Wii in a moment.
2. Download and setup the Twilight Hack on an SD card (make sure the card is formatted right first, as per the instructions).
3. Download the Homebrew Channel and stick it in the root of the SD card too. Probably want to download the sample apps too.
4. On your Wii, delete your Zelda savegame, and then copy the loader savegame from the SD card across.
5. Play Zelda, load the savegame, talk to the guy in front of you.
7. Profit, as the self-updating Homebrew Channel is installed.
8. Tinker with some homebrew. Be slightly unimpressed, but nevertheless inspired to learn how to write your own.
9. Delete the loader savegame using the Wii system menu, restore your zelda savegames from your PC. And relax.

And just to re-iterate - Nintendo could possibly banhammer you for having this installed in the future, if they were feeling mean. Always check on WiiBrew.org before running a system update, or running a new game with an auto-updater. Otherwise you will be the envy of your friends with your new shiny white doorstop.
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