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Topic of the day. SQUARE EDITION.

So, I'm reading up about Crisis Core. And I gotta admit, I'm digging the style and it looks like its turning out to be a good game in a sea of PSP crap. But my question is, is Square over the hill? For every 1 new final fantasy game, theres...


My brawl rules from this day forth.

I read a recent post by a guy named Cutie Honey (link here) and I recently changed the rule set for my house, and the tourneys I run. Heres the basic rule set. 4 stock limit 8 min time Smash Balls ON (I'll explain why) and only certain sta...


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Without further ado, I present to you my dinning room and living room. Before you look apon my apartment I will tell you now, I spent all my money on my TV, and games. My house is so bare but I enjoy my 42 inch a lot so I think i got my pri...


I need a blog header

Title says it all, I need an actually blog header for this blog, if anyone is willing to make me one (compensated or not) just leave me a comment or PM me on AIM Druggedouthooker (yes its weird shush)


So, my first brawl tourney is over.

And I must say, it went decent. Overall we had 9 people (10 if you include me) and we covered enough for the prize. I didn't make any, but thats not the point of this thing. One thing I will say though, brawl in competition is completely di...


To rickrick3422

So today I posted my phone number in one of my blogs. A lot of people said I was brave but whatever, overall it was an awesome experence as I had a great phone conversation with Ron (one of the co founders from Dtoid it self) and hopefully ...


Topic of the Day Volume 3 edition

So, topic of the day is here, so I pose this retro question. Out of all the old school games you enjoyed in your younger days, which game will incure your wrath the fastest when someone slams? Personally, I enjoyed Final Fantasy 8 a lot. ...


Calling all Cincinnati Brawlers!

Hey, Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, I personally will be running Super Smash brothers Brawl tourneys at the Gamecity in Newport(its in the Levee near AMC) Its 5 bucks to enter, and the winner gets 50 in store credit. They are all...


Topic of the day #2

Alright, so here we are again, topic of the day. Yes topic one was a bad question per sorts and I apologize so here I am again ready to make amands with a new topic. What were your top three games from 2007? (I was going to make it top game...


Topic of the day.

Heres what I like to call, my topic for the day segment. I ran this on a few other blogs, and it worked pretty well. Everyday I will ask everyone (this is my replacement word for yall) a fun question, if you want to respond feel free that...


A newbie guide to Cpt Olimar.

This guide is very long, I didnt cover everything I suggest going to this link this is a very good quickie guide. thanks for the comments looks good! :) Standard Move Set First move we going ...


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