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So, my first brawl tourney is over.

And I must say, it went decent. Overall we had 9 people (10 if you include me) and we covered enough for the prize. I didn't make any, but thats not the point of this thing. One thing I will say though, brawl in competition is completely different then casual. I played Melee a few times in tourneys and ran really well, not really thinking about camping, and being overall vicious as a 16 year old gear who just had her prom date taken by the "hotter chick." So overall I played Olimar and pretty much destroyed the competition until I ran into a Meta Knight player. This guy was, let me put this out, COCKY. Every time you die, taunt, every time he hits you taunt, every time you make a mistake, taunt. I swear to god I was ready to beat this kid into submission. But anyways I decided I'll let my play do the talking, and this is where the fun, and my dislike of this game begins.

Pros and Cons to Meta Knight.

AMAZING Aerial attacks
Great Recovery

No KO power
No power

Now as playing as Olimar I thought I had ok recovery good range all the good stuff to beat almost anyone when it comes down to skill, but boy was I wrong. I wil throw this out, I lost. Period I lost to this sub-par Meta Knight player, and you might say your being bitter, and damn your ass I am. But heres the thing, I didn't lose to skill, I didn't even make any mistakes. When it was all said and done I lost by 1 life. And let me tell you how I lost, he perfect edge grabbing, Period. He would simply knock you off level, juggle a little (not even good at this) and then knock you to side and grab level. If you try to come back, he attacks you to keep you away. Say good night to almost 90% of the characters out there who don't have amazing recoveries.

Now let me again say, Do you see a problem with this? Yes Meta knight has no KO abilities, but who needs KO when you can grab ledge and keep them off at 80%? You don't need to KO someone, just keep them off, and thats where this game is starting to piss me off. None of us play like this, and I feel personally its bad taste. Yes he won the tourney, but let me say again, he killed me 4 times by doing this tatic(he got me once by a normal KO which I was at 160%) So I think its kinda insane to give Meta knight all these abilities but his only downfall isn't really a downfall when you edge grab like he did. It almost doesn't make a lot of sense. I felt like playing Meta knight in this way gives him zero downfalls. Overall I wanted to semi rant and put that out. Thoughts opinions agree disagree? Overall I felt cheated, but I did play a lot better then him. 4 deaths by edge grabbing, oh well I guess I'll have to go for peoples throats next time and not let them back on the ledge(oh fyi I destroyed his friend earlier in tourney and I even apologized because i grabbed ledge by accident thus giving him a death, I guess some people will always play to win.)
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