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Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Without further ado, I present to you my dinning room and living room. Before you look apon my apartment I will tell you now, I spent all my money on my TV, and games. My house is so bare but I enjoy my 42 inch a lot so I think i got my priorities right :)


my messy computer monitor, which an older monitor sitting behind it(I use to duel screen but I'm to lazy now)

It originally was an Acer my mom bought, but it broke so I took the insides out, and rebuilt it using the case.

yes that is a 42 inch sharp on a 35 inch floor model from the 70s. Once I bought the TV I didn't have enough for the TV stand. Its scrub looking I know.

Yes thats a Wii sitting on top of a Eternal Sonata face platted 360. And those are sitting on a chair, Like I said, I really need a TV stand.

These pictures were all taken on my Blackberry Curve phone, so its only 2.0 Mega pixel so yes the quality sucks and I apologize.
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