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Old Zelda-like Dungeon Design in Anodyne, part 1 of ?

x-post from my wordpress Throughout development of Anodyne, one of the largest challenges I've faced is the task of developing a number of "Old Zelda-like" dungeons for the player to explore. What are "Old Zelda-like" Dungeons? At a ver...


greetings, destructoid

hello lady and gentleman i'm seagaia (sean), except when the seagaia sea resort has taken the name first like in the case of twitter (my handle is @seagaia2 meh) i don't recall where the name came from. well, my sister apparently does, an...


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A 'proper intro':


hi everyone, i'm seagaia. started gaming with super mario world, then the disease continued to spread! my favorites arenumerous, and i dont have a lot of time to play nowadays, working on my own games now, which is a lot of fun.

okay, bye.