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Dtoid's Ninth Anniversary: Scield's List of Nine

  I came to Destructoid looking for community and I found it. That was the main draw for me way back in 2011 and since then I’ve met boat loads of awesome people. From the forums, to Friday Night Fights and even my rare inc...


The Opposite Side of Ferguson

I started off writing this blog to maybe help some of you guys out in understanding what its like to be a police officer and maybe give a little insight into the profession. �I've seen a lot of �Fuck the police� tweets recently and similar ...


I bought a Vita. Whoops

Now don't get me wrong; I love my Vita. �Its a great piece of hardware and there are some great games, some of which I never would have played without the Vita. �So what's the problem? �I bought it a few months back �instead of a 3DS becaus...


PAX Avatar Adoption: Adopt me!

So I've been around Destructoid for a few years and have seen the Avatar Adoption Program and figured I would give it a go. �Be prepared for a sob story that is sure to get me adopted. �May I present my avatar: My avatar, drawn by the ...


Next Gen: Dad Gaming

This is a little off topic from the requested Bloggers Wanted post but this is how I feel towards the incoming console generation. Like many of you on here I belong to the older regime of the gaming community. Its kind of weird saying...


Dad Gaming-Time and Money

Bear with me here. I'm not the best writer when it comes to blogs. I've never written one so that should at least give you my qualifications but nothing says I can't give it a shot. I have been part of Destructoid for a little over a ...


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