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Pre-Order Street Fighter IV, But it will cost you

Well I really don't like many fighting games other than Street Fighter and Smash, yes Topher Mortal Kombat does suck (Midway I don't need a game with characters larger than the population of Australlia.) So when I heard of Street Fighter 4 coming out late last year I was jumping around pumping my fist like when i whoop your ass in Brawl ha ha. Well hold on kiddo it isn't coming into your 360's or PS3's any time soon. As it's already released in Japan ( god everyone feels sorry for us bombing them 60 years again we're sorry.)

Well you really wanna buy it but you know that arm and a leg you love so much well say good bye to that because it's gonna cost you a astounding $ 2,600 dollars plus a $800 deposit required. Damn do you hate America as much as Square hates the Virtual Console ( come on guys more than 1 year and no Crono Trigger :( ) Well at least it's not a $23,000 for the entire set and the kaboodle. Well like you guys I'll be waiting until they come to the console because this is just too much for me unless I win the lottery.

For all the people thinking that it's the actual console version well think again, it's the
arcade version of the game. So, even though the arcade pretty much hit the bucket 5 years ago, but maybe Capcom will want to help give the arcade a new live in the States like they did 15 years ago? The game comes with a network ID cards and also a Versus Communication Kit which will allow you to play online which might be great and might be horrible depending on how they Capcom will treat the online, which might make or break the game. So I'm not going to make my final opinion until the game comes out.

Source: Kotaku
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