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The Battle of the Pre-orders

Many of you will be calling me out for my "Blind defending of the Xbox One console," but the fact of the matter is that a vast majority of you jokers are on this website for a reason. You are a MINORITY when it comes to the video gaming crowd. You are the hardcore, the indie-related (or ever indie-creating), and even the play-the-shitty-game-so-that-you-can-tell-everyone-off-about-it crowd. Be proud of you are, because I am proud that your style of gamer exists, even though I am not part of that crowd anymore. But understand that "the casual gamer" has changed over the last few years, and many many people want to still incorporate video games into their lives, and an entertainment console that narrows that down is BENEFICIAL to our crowd. Also, cutting down on third party benefit on trade-in games will KEEP THE COST OF GAMES DOWN...
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