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John Rambo: The Last Good Action Movie?

I'm sure like some of you, I grew up watching these movies. Back in the day, action movies didn't hold back. Now, producers want to appeal to younger audiences. Like the new Die Hard. A lot of us grew up in the 80s. Action stars such as Stallone, Arnold, Bruce Willis and maybe a dash of Van Damme, was our bread and butter. We knew them, we loved them, we miss them.

Where are our action movies? On DVDs, on our shelves, bootlegged on our computers, most of them from the 80s. One of the only successful 80's movie remakes was Rocky Balboa. That was a very good movie. Stallone is a great writer/director/actor.

This preview I'm about to show you is probably the most awesome, goriest, violent trailer I have ever seen ever, ever. John Rambo kills at least 40 people in the trailer. He does not hold back. For instance, he shoots some guy point blank with a .50 cal machine gun, rips a guys throat out, disembowels some guy. This is no teen horror/chick flick. This is RAMBO! No pretty teens here. Just ugly, old, pissed off Rambo, killing. Now turn the sound up and watch this video.

By the way, that video was probably NSFW.
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