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Requiem for a split-screen

As it seems to me, video games have become more about being alone, and getting yelled at online, then ACTUALLY having a good time playing. More below. For awhile it seems video games have gotten less social then they were. When really,...


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My name is Shayne. Video games are pretty much the one of few things in life that i enjoy the most. I take them much too seriously, but I like it. I was playing mario on my gameboy before i could walk properly, to put this into an understandable perspective for all to understand. I then grew up, enduring many extenuating circumstances throughout my childhood. I was also doing normal things, like going to school , and working, but I realized my dream job was to do something, albeit anything with video games. Then, I stumbled upon "Destructoid", and the "Podtoid" podcast, and the "Jimquisition": my mind had been made up. I wanted to be a game journalist.
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