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League of Legends: ELO Hell

I've been in ELO hell(1.2k ELO and lower) for a long time now (I use to be in the 1.2k-1.3k tier but got thrown down in the pit) and high ELO players seem to think that if your in the lower tiers you deserve it. This is due to the large a...


Why does realism = good?

I recently got into an argument with a few of my friends about GTA and Saints Row and I personally think saints row 2 is much better then GTA 4 because its absurd gameplay suits the sandbox concept better then the gritty reality GTA has shi...


Found a Fallout 3 Review from years ago

"I started playing this game few months ago and thought it was way to dull and i had games like fable 2 and rockband to play so i might as well play them. Came back to this game for the gamer points and i dont hate it AS MUCH anymore but i...


About sagejoshone of us since 2:05 AM on 08.11.2011

Im an avid gamer who has 2 1/2 fans on youtube (username is also sagejosh because im not that creative). I play alot of games but the rough majority or my gaming time is spent on League of Legends. I got into gaming when i was very very young and played nintendo games until about middle school when i got an xbox which i played that and ps2 the most. I currently dont really play my 360 so much as i used to in the previous years and i barley have ever touched a ps3 (not a fan of the new metal gear games).

I currently am a big computer gamer (because i actually have a legitimate PC that can handle current gen graphics) and play alot of competitive games. if you play league or counter-strike source and dont suck add me. also check out my youtube account if you want to watch some gamer oriented entertainment, because i have to have some shameless advertisement.