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For My First Blog Post: Shameless Self Promotion!


If you happen to be reading this, my first community blog here on Destructoid, you should check out SCATcast! SCATcast (Social Connoisseurs of Alternative Technology Podcast) is a weekly podcast that I've started with a few friends. We have two episodes uploaded now, and update every Sunday night. We are still a bit new at this, so I do apologize if the quality isn't the greatest, but we all feel it is worth listening to.

Give it a listen! Tell me what you think! I will post updates here as we update the SCATcast page, and check back for other gaming posts!
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My name is Gary and I like video games. You probably could have figured that out.

I am an aspiring video game developer, which I have wanted to do since I was in the fifth grade. I can still remember the exact moment in my life when I realized that I could actually make video games later in life myself. I have had an absolute infatuation with video games since before I could remember. I have a couple designs that I am currently working out that I hope to start production on soon, and will post here as soon as I can. I've also recently started hosting a video game podcast with some friends after realizing how much we loved talking about video games with each other, and how great our conversations seemed. We all felt it would be great to share that with other people, so why not check that out! You can find it at SCATcast.

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-Cave Story

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