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About saddackone of us since 9:16 PM on 02.09.2008

Gaming it's a great hobby what can I say? I enjoy a lot of games, I even enjoy games that a lot people would never even go near. I do have some favorites though, my favorite genres are Music and Fighting games. So I like Rock Band, Dead or Alive, Frequency, Soul Calibur, Gitaroo Man and Virtua Fighter. Of course I like many other games in each genre but those are just some examples.

And of course if you haven't already, you really should play Deus Ex.

Anything else about me? Well I have a passion for music. I listen to everything but I primarily listen to Metal.

Currently Playing:
Army of Two (360)
Front Lines: Fuel of War (360)
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (PC)
The Witcher
Unreal Tournament III (PC)