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Make MK vs DC more interesting

Another DC character has been announced and alot of us are flinching as we wait for the abomination known as DC vs MK to be released. This is going to dissapoint alot of fans of Detective Comics but there's no reason why we shouldn't have fun.

Too often when a crossover game is made, the makers go straight for the most popular characters. Instead of the roster of the game being JL founders vs MK, how about some second or third stringers?


DC's resident bad boy that most people don't know about. Lobo is an intergalactic bounty hunter that looks like a cross between a KISS fan and a biker. He's violent, nigh invulnerable, and possibly unkillable since a new Lobo spawns from a single drop of blood. Of course it's been said there would be less blood since the game will feature Batman, Superman, and the like, but that doesn't mean there can't be bone-breaking.


Former Teen Titan, a...um cyborg. He is a walking arsenal with hand cannons and superstrength, a great counterpart for Jax.


Another Titan, not as strong or popular as Wonder Woman or Supergirl, but come on, how can she not be included in an MK title with that outfit.

Plastic Man

MK characters can go nuts on him, chop him, explode him, melt him, decapitate him. He'll just keep bouncing back. Plus he doesn't even need a hook to reel people over to him.


Ok, not a second or third stringer, but at least I didn't go for the Joker. It's ****ing Darkseid!

The Question

Who doesn't like the Question? Doesn't he deserve more exposure? Wouldn't he make the game a little more tolerable?

Doctor Light

Just because I'm sure alot of DC fans want to beat...his...ass.

Mirror Master

Cause "rogues" are fun.

Caitlin Fairchild

DC still owns Wildstorm comics, so technically she's a DC character

Go ahead and post your own suggestions. Also, sorry about the pictures, I suck at paint.net.
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