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Twisted Pixel announces "Comic Jumper"

Twisted pixel has announced its next project "Comic Jumper" which looks to be a sidescrolling shooter fare. It also seems to have that wonderful pixar look to it that Twisted pixel is known for. Not much else on this right now, but can'...


Super Smash FNF: Skype Hates Us

Another Awkward Zombie Comic. I usually try to pick other stuff, but SHE MAKES DAMN GOOD COMICS. WHAT CAN I SAY. So there is this OTHER fighting game out this week which shall not be named. I've been playing it since wednesday, so why no...



In regards to the title, Kirby's final smash is cheaper, so fuck anyone who says otherwise. It's been a few weeks, and I'm not guaranteeing any turnout (I stopped for a reason) but I felt like jumping back in this week, so maybe you'll w...


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Kind of obssessed with wrestling lately, but been a huge gamer forever and a day. Started out on an original NES action pack, mario bros and duck hunt combo cartridge woo! Been flying nerd status ever since.

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