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Psychology: Why does a fanboy think the way he does?


I would sit here and try to argue that you should teach fanboys the same thing, but as we've previously discussed, fanboys are idiots. This unfortunately means that even if we have a better understanding of why they act the way they do, we can't change them. So you might be screaming at your monitor, "Ryu you idiot! Why even bother looking at it in the first place if you we can't do anything about it? Why should you be looking at it at all if you're just some schmuck in an intro psych class?"

Reader, first of all shut the fuck up. Second of all, why think about anything? If something interests you, especially about video games and video game culture, I implore you to find out more about it, even if nothing comes of it. Sure I may just be taking an intro psych class, but that shouldn't stop me from using things I learn there to discover things about the gaming culture no one else had thought of, or only a few people have. I'm not saying what I'm saying is completely absolute either. I've done no research, merely observed a couple of things and come to a basic theory. If you disagree with me because you happen to be a psych major or even a psych professor for some reason, then go ahead and argue with me in the comments. In fact I encourage it.

So in conclusion reader, don't take fanboys seriously. If I'm onto something here, and I think I am, then you should take note that fanboys can't be argued with. At all. It's impossible. They're logic is so twisted and backwards that they can't even see that any evidence against them exists, let alone give them any credibility. And that, dear reader, is psychology.
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