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Box Art Whining: Front Mission Evolved

I know this is a very tired subject, but it saddened me to see the trend of 'toughing up' Western box art continues: Here's the Japanese cover: And the North American: The NA art isn't TERRIBLE, but it sure is immature in comparison ...


In Defense of Alpha Protocol

A couple years back, I remember seeing some early screenshots in GameInformer showcasing a bold new game - Alpha Protocol. From that point on, I anticipated the game, before I even had a system that could run it. Fast forward a bit to the g...


Apparently Shmups suck. Who knew?

Excellent and fun write up I stumbled across. A good read for those who do not understand the concept of an STG, and a good read for those who do. My favorite part: http://gruegaming.blogspot.com/2008/06/apparently-shmups-suck-who-knew...


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