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Made a new Loading screen :)

- (>'.')> Indie <('-'<)



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About runestormone of us since 10:29 PM on 09.14.2016

Swedish Indie developer living in Tokyo.
Currently working on a 2D MetroidVania game heavenly inspired by Guacamelee.
It began in 2015 as a comic book and later turned into a game.

For daily updates follow me at Twitter @KarlKaze

Here's some GIF's!
Glitch-Testing Enemies...
Conspiracy-Monster-Hunter-ish SideQuests
Big Boss Fights!

Besides games I enjoy outdoor activities, workout and travel!
I've been living in the U.S, Australia, England and now I'm settled, more or less, in Japan! ^^

Shortly after the fall of The New World Order, a new regime, Anonymous, stepped out of the shadows to rule the world. KnifeBoy, no longer alive, made the Rebel army slowly fall apart...But not for long - Dr. J managed to bring KnifeBoy back from the dead to oppose the Regime once more.