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KnifeBoy - Becoming a Developer!


The year was 2015, Febuary. I put my Vita down on my lap and stared at Guacamelees End Credits... What an Amazing game... It took me this long to discover the beauty of MetroidVania games?
At this point, Guacamelee had a couple of years on its back, so I imdetialy logged in to my PSN - hit the searth-bar and typed "Guacamelee 2"... Nothing... What's going on? Did I spell it correctly?
The game was so good! Surley there must be on a sequal somewhere? Steam, Xbox... PS4?
I jumped online and found out that the Developer, DrinkBox Studios, never makes sequals... This left a gaping whole in my soul, a whole I tried to fill with various things; snacks, games, alcohol, sex, drugs... Nothing worked...
As I was fumbling through life, lost, abandoned, heart broken; I soon realized that I had to take matters into your own hands - I had to make the spirutal succesor "everyone" was waiting for - KnifeBoy!
(Yeah, Yeah, Guacamelee 2 was announced last year... But for now, let's ignore that, OK?)

On August.15th.2016 I sat down infront of my friends PC, early morning... As he was leaving for work I told him:
"I'm gonna sit down with PhotoShop until you get back from work... I need to learn this shit in order to make a game"...
As a former MacroMedia Flash creator, nothing felt right & evertything felt wrong - I have never cursed so much in my entire life. About 8 Hours later my friend returned back home with a bag of Pick 'n Mix and a Dr. Pepper... "Thanks Bro... Thanks..." He knew I was angry - cuz I've been sending him curse-filled-texts all day in order to vent my frustration with PhotoShop... Day 1 was nothing but a failure. This Image is what I manage to to do in 8 hours...

Almost 2 years have passed since that day... In that time, I've learned to Code, Animate and Use Photoshop.
My game has finally turned into a great pieace of art and I couldn't be prouder! :)
I was/am determined to see this through and here is a brand new Trailer + Demo:

Please leave feedback if you try it out - or let me know what you think, based on the Trailer :)
Thanks for reading and please consider supporting my Kickstarter.



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