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KnifeBoy - Becoming a Developer!

The year was 2015, Febuary. I put my Vita down on my lap and stared at Guacamelees End Credits... What an Amazing game... It took me this long to discover the beauty of MetroidVania games?At this point, Guacamelee had a couple of years...


KnifeBoy Trailer!

Zup!My name is Karl Fredriksson and I`m the creator of KnifeBoy!Thanks for stopping by and by all means, Read on!After months of hard work I finally got that trailer up and running!I made 3 versions, short, long and silly.Making a trai...


Fight KnifeBoy! Fight!

guacamelee feat axiom verge feat light RPG... Soooo... Here are a couple of GIF's showing some of the fighting mechanics. I'm still working on the controller but wont be satisfied until it feels perfect.I'm aiming f...


KnifeBoy: Fight the System!

In this post I will talk about the fighting and movement mechanics! Co-Co-co-combo!The enemies can take more than one hit! Unlike Super Mario and other 2D plaformers, in this game, each encounter looks more like a short Street Fighter-...


KnifeBoy: DevDiary #1

These early hours, 5am to 9am, is when I'm working on a project I would like to call KnifeBoy: a 2D MetroidVania game heavily inspired by Guacamelee, Axiom Verge and Dark Souls, spiced with some Light-RPG goodness and humor, set i...


About runestormone of us since 10:29 PM on 09.14.2016

Swedish Indie developer living in Tokyo.
Currently working on a 2D MetroidVania game heavenly inspired by Guacamelee.
It began in 2015 as a comic book and later turned into a game.

For daily updates follow me at Twitter @KarlKaze

Here's some GIF's!
Glitch-Testing Enemies...
Conspiracy-Monster-Hunter-ish SideQuests
Big Boss Fights!

Besides games I enjoy outdoor activities, workout and travel!
I've been living in the U.S, Australia, England and now I'm settled, more or less, in Japan! ^^

Shortly after the fall of The New World Order, a new regime, Anonymous, stepped out of the shadows to rule the world. KnifeBoy, no longer alive, made the Rebel army slowly fall apart...But not for long - Dr. J managed to bring KnifeBoy back from the dead to oppose the Regime once more.