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About rob damageone of us since 12:29 PM on 03.11.2010

been into gaming since the atari 2600 days, when as a young child i was smitten with the gaming addiction.
my favorite genres are mainly FPS & 3rdPS. i find myself usually drawn to games that are not AAA titles. although i'm not into multiplayer gaming (death match, capture the flag, etc..) i absolutely love co-op!
some of my favorite games from this & last gen are: the FEAR series, kane & lynch:dead men, prototype, rainbow 6 vegas 2, XIII, gun, manhunt 2, killer 7, shadow of the colossus, stubbs the zombie & black.
i'm currently on a slight action rpg kick, playing Okami (the game never ends)& Borderlands (a game i never want to end). also just recently picked up Deadly Premonition on 360 & POP-warrior within on ps2.

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