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No More Heroes - My Short Review


Alright, again like a lot of you I picked up my long-time pre-order of No More Heroes! I was really excited for this game thanks to a really neat art style, and the potential for a really rockin' game. (I mean who doesn't want to jerk off a beam katana? =P )

When I got it home and got started playing, I was glad to say I still felt the same way. I really like this game, even though I've only killed the first assassin. Although it's not enough to drag me away from Persona 3, but I still am really thrilled for this game. It's fun to play, and seems to be a nice refreshing breath into more of the hardcore style of gaming as opposed to Furu Furu Park that I bought yesterday as well that will be the 500th mini game, to be pushed in the casual gamers direction. Though, Furu Furu does have Bubble Bobble, and that by all means rocks.

I really like the play style of no more heroes, and utterly burst out laughing when Travis randomly screams "FUCK HEAD!" So I'd definitely say not a family friendly title by any means, but a great title to have in your collection.

I vote this game as a buy.

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