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Gamer Arts & Crafts: Thank Yous & More!


Hello everyone!

Though I'm sad to announce that this edition of Gamer Arts & Crafts will basically be craftless, I had a few things I wanted to say.

First off I want to give a big thanks to power-glove for his blog about me getting front paged on Capcom Unity and GoNintendo! I was out of town over the past couple of days and without people pointing his blog out to me I would never have known about it. Thank you to all of you who told me about it as well!

Also, an old-ass thank you to droobies for sending me the NES that I forgot to mention a loooooong time ago, so now it's making it into a thank you blog finally! Also, Clash at Demonhead rules!

But I bring good news. Even though I don't have any new relevant crafts to show off during this blog post I will be working very hard this week to crank out a ton of hats. So this means my Etsy store will be restocked by the end of the week. I can't guarantee that there will be much that's new, but I will definitely be restocking the most popular hats, such as the Okami Amaterasu hat. If there's any that I've already done that you'd really like to see make an appearance again in the shop just leave me a comment and let me know which ones you liked the most. You can find all of my past hats in my past c-blogs.

Also, thank you again everyone for always supporting me with my arts and crafts! I really appreciate it and I'm glad they give people a nice cheerful feeling when they look at them! I appreciate everything very much and can't wait to hear from you all to see what your favorites were!

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