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Dreamcast Love Letter - "Ode To My Dreamcast"

"Ode To My Dreamcast"

Dreamcast, how I love thee,
Youíre so much better than a PS3.
Youíve been with me since the very start.
Youíre definitely a piece of art.
I canít believe they think youíll die.
To them, I just give a big sigh.
You gave me Sonic and a Chao,
I loved you then, as I love you now.
Dreamcast, Iíll never let you go,
Even when it turns to snow.
Youíve always been the one for me,
So to you, I write this loving plea.
Never die Dreamcast, I love you so!
Who needs a PS3? Not me, hell no!
You should never end up in a discount bin!
My love for you might help me win!
So keep on going with your valiant stride,
It is you that gives me my gamer pride!

There's my attempt for winning the Dreamcast games! Live on Dreamcast, Live on!
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