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Does It Suck Contest - Octomania


Thanks to NihonTiger90 for holding this neat contest I'll actually be going back to doing something severely video game related. =P Thanks for keeping me on track with this one, buddy.

As Nihon states in his feature, "Does It Suck", some games just suck! Although I feel a lot of the games I've played and enjoyed or even really liked are some that people have thoroughly trashed. Some are ones that people didn't give the time of day and just ignored, so we assume it sucked.

After playing some of this game, let's see what my opinion is after looking at the facts.

It's time for...

Basic Info

Developer - Idea Factory
Developer - Compile Heart
Publisher - Conspiracy Entertainment Corp.
Console - Nintendo Wii
Year - 2008

The Premise

Octomania takes you on a journey as Kari, an apprentice magician, who decides to summon up her favorite treat: Takoyaki. Instead of her delicious Takoyaki appearing, a shower of coloured Octopi rain down from the sky. A guardian angel then appears to inform Kari that she must rid Lonropia of the Octopi. You will now seek out on your journey to find Prince Exaultus to see if he can help you.

The Game

As you probably should have figured by now, if this game's on the Wii it's either a casual game or a puzzle game. Well you're right! It's kind of both. By no mean does this mean I don't like it or that I hate the Wii, I own plenty of these types of games! Your goal is to hurry and rid your screen of all the Octopi before your enemy beats you to it. You need to line up your Octopi in groups under the Octo-nets and watch them create chains to pile onto your opponent's screen. If you can pull off a big enough chain you can cripple your opponent with a nasty Sea Urchin attack. Clear the screen as quickly as you can to win the game.

There are several different modes that you can play on. Arcade mode is what I usually play and it's just your standard version where you progress through the story and make your way through the different screens. Multiplayer you can play with another person in your house beside you and try to fill their screen with Octopi. Then there's the Wi-Fi mode. As with all Wii games you'll need to have your opponent's Friend Code and someone who bought the game of course. There are a couple of different battle modes that you can play, though I haven't personally tried them as that would require someone else to have bought this game.

The Controls

You get a couple of different options with your controls for this game. You can either hold the Wiimote in front of you like a pointer or sideways. If you hold it like a pointer your control pad will rotate the Octopi and the A button confirms your selection. Holding it sideways is more like an arcade experience, which is what I liked. Sideways, your control pad selects the items and 1 will confirm your selection, also turn your Octopi left. 2 will rotate the Octopi right. Neither controls are really too bad for this type of game, though I'd probably suggest using the Sideways, more arcade, controls.

The Graphics and Sound

As you can see from the video above, which is the opening video to the game, it is a 2D game. The graphics are pretty good, and the characters are adorable. Plus, that theme song is pretty catchy if I do say so myself. That's the Japanese opening, but the American one is exactly the same, except saying Octomania instead of it being in Japanese characters of course. So, the graphics are a winner for me.

The music in the game is pretty catchy, and like a lot of puzzle games, if you're getting down to the wire and close to losing it loves to give you that stressful music. That being said, the voice acting is pretty not awesome but luckily you get a break in between each puzzle and you don't have to hear a huge overabundance of it like you would in an RPG. That being said though, it's still annoying.

The Conclusion

All in all this game is actually not too bad and provides a fun Octopi ridding experience. I didn't think too much about it when I picked it up for $20, but I've actually enjoyed myself with it.

FINAL VERDICT : Slight Suckage

This game is in no means perfect, so there is a little bit of suckage with the voice acting, but for $20 you should definitely give this game a shot!
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