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30 Minutes Playing.. Fallen Earth

A writer I know made the comment about another writer "he can't do a review, because he can't play any new game for longer than 20 minutes!" So I decided to try a little challenge- gave myself 30 minutes with a game I'd never played, ...


The Guide to Quakecon Fashion

With Quakecon coming up in less than a week, its time for a little fashion inspiration from last year. (original image at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/quakecon/3923687448/in/photostream) The look: Button mail has been a safe and classic...


The Worst Thing That WoW Ever Taught Me

I remember clearly the last few months of my gaming before I started playing World of Warcraft... In those days, the Playstation 2 was my partner in gaming, and the PC was mostly a place to look up guides and walkthroughs when I got stuck. ...


The Girlie Revue... it's only softcore news.

The politically correct opinion on females and gaming right now seems to be that it's not a big deal. Everyone now knows that girls who play games exist. "You just got pwned by a girl!" is now passe, and girl gameplay is now so accepted t...


Pictureblog: "Don't Play with my

This is how two unrelated interests come together.. I have a habit of making hand-printed t shirts, basically whenever I want a shirt that I haven't seen for sale, I make it. Alot of them are video game/nerd related. This one was originally...


Why I didn't Write an Intro Blog: An Intro Blog

I have never been a fan of intro blogs. Part of the reason for this is that I hate to stumble upon a blog that's intro seems interesting and promises to contain alot of things that I want to read... only to find that the intro is the only t...


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