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Violence: True entertainment

I've never played a game, in my life, and said it was too violent. In fact, violence is what drew me in. Super Mario was great because I was KILLING creatures and bosses, in my way. Call of Duty 1 was awesome because I could KILL people online. Final Fantasy involved superb fantasy KILLING. Pacman, Mortal Kombat, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, Guild Wars, and so on. Outside of Gran Turismo I think every game, I ever enjoyed, had some type of violence in it.

How can you be too violent? It's a game remember? We can't go out in the streets and eat mushrooms and become animated. Well I can, but that's another fun experience. I'm talking about outside of a hallucination, there is no way to throw fireballs, power up or guiltlessly kill that hooker that you don't want rehashing the events that took place. You can't have every weapon at your disposal and/or fight countless monsters, in real time, and DIE repeatedly, but be still alive, left with only a replay.

I'm so sick of people dumbing down shit. All these Marvel films suck dick. It's all watered down so much that I can bare it no longer. Now they're trying to say gaming is too violent?! Most of us were kid gamers (some still are) but we didn't turn out so bad and Rockstar existed. Some crazy fucks ruin it, for everyone, as they decided that gaming wasn't enough; harming innocent people because something bad happened to them that they couldn't cope with. Fuck those people. It's understandable that some individuals indeed suffer more than others. Whether it be from bullying, bad parenting, lack of sex etc. But spend all of the energy, you have hating the world, on something productive. Build something. Create something. You'll eventually be noticed and be able to have all the things you ever wanted. Look at the kids in Africa WITH NOTHING yet they create robots and shit. Like how the fuck?! I thought I was really smart but that shit just made me realize that us Americans are so stupid and lazy.

I hated Infamous 2 because it didn't have enough violence. My PS3 trophy obsession could not even get me to play more than a few hours. But if Cole was slaughtering everyone, as their heads flew off, and fucking girls and "finishing" people to their deaths, the EVIL side would have made all the more sense. Of course you don't need to force violence but if you're playing something and can be BAD don't make it with a teen rating. Don't make me play a game that's a PG-13 horror movie. Don't you hate PG-13 horror movies? They never work. How can you scare me with a rating that doesn't allow anything truly terrifying. Hitchcock did it, of course. But he's a rare exception that doesn't exist these days as the population is not easily frightened.

Dark Souls is my favorite game of all time. We can all agree, that it may be the most violent game of all time as well. It's so legendary because it was created in a time where all these "creators" are too afraid to take a risk. All the original, dark ideas, that are still alive, exist through ballsy, video game, narrative storytelling and you can't take that away from the people that still enjoy a good tale. We NEED to have something to lose ourselves in, in this cruel world. An imaginary place for us to behold is quintessential entertainment and violence just so happens to be its finest quality.

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